Reline your old pool to make it look good as new!

Swimming Pool Relining - Fibreglass versus Marbelite

A reline fibreglass pool offers all the benefits of fibreglass pop in pools, but with added strength. The surface finish of a pool relined with fibreglass whilst not as smooth as pre-moulded fibreglass pools is smoother and less rough on the feet than marbelite pools.

Fibreglass is applied to reline existing or damaged marbelite pools either for cosmetic, curing a leak or strength purposes. Fibreglass relined pools offer an attractive appearance which besides being durable is very easy to maintain. Relining with fibreglass also offers more waterproofing properties for old pools. Pools relined with fibreglass are low maintenance and very easy to maintain, thus saving considerable time and expense compared to marbelite pools.

If due to neglect algae forms on a fibreglass pool, just sweep it off. Algae forming on marbelite pools should not be allowed to form as it can cause staining. A fibreglass pool is more foregiving than a marbelite pool if your chemical balance or maintenance is off balance. The final choice of preference is you, the clients. Some of the simple comparisons between the two options is as follows:

A fibreglass pool is easier and cheaper to maintain. They are more forgiving in the event of misadministration of chemicals and general poor maintenance.
A fibreglass pool is easier on the feet after long spells in the pool than marbelite. In essence the kids will not complain of raw feet after spending long periods in the pool.

The other down side to a marbelite pool is that if using a coloured marbelite it does tend to appear very mottled and wishy washy.
In both pools we highly recommend using white or sky blue as the finished colour. People fail to realise that the majority of these sparkling pools one see’s are actually white pools.

The beautifull clarity and colour is due to the correct chemicals being used, Filtration and the correct weekly maintenance.

Fibreglass or Marblite swimming pool relining can make your old pool look brand new!