Extend your swimming season with swimming pool heating

Swimming Pool Solar Heating


The swimming season is extended.
The water temperature increases by between 3 and 8 degrees above ambient temperature. Pool solar heating is the most cost effective method of heating your pool.
It is installed in line with your pool pump, hence no additional electrical expense.
With no moving parts it is relatively maintenance free.
Pool solar heating systems are also enviromentally friendly with no emmissions.
Relatively inexpensive to install.
Durable and high quality materials are used that are guaranteed.
Generally one day installation.
Hassle free simple operation.


The system uses your pool pump to suck the water from your existing weir and then pushes the water through
the panels positioned on the roof. The panels collect solar energy from the suns rays and transfer the heat to the water as the water passes through the solar panels.This heated water is then returned to the pool via the existing jets, thus raising the water temperature.

We supply a manual control panel to your system which allows you to adjust the water temperature. The control
panel also contains a vacuum breaker to relieve any pressure build up in the panels. We also install a non return valve which restricts the back flow of water returning to the pump when the pump turns off.

Solar Pool Heating
Solar Pool Heating

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

The modern titanium Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger Pump uses very little electricity to operate. They are actually an indirect form of solar heater, as the sun warmed air contributes to the effeciency of these units. The heat is extracted from the air, heated further with a compressor and then transferred to the water flowing through the heat pump. For those who enjoy using the pool regardles of the weather, a pool heat pump is a very viable option. It does not require the sun to warm the water and can if necessary run 24/7. The installation of the pool heat pump is a very viable option when solar panels can not fit on the roof. e.g. Insufficient space on the roof for the required number of solar panels. It is also not wise to instal on shingle roofs, chromodek roofs and steep pitched roof’s. Also very easy on the eye as they do not overly detract from the surrounds. When the correct size unit is installed, it will maintain your pool at a comfortable thermostat controlled temperature and extend your swimming season.
Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Enjoy your pool more, with swimming pool heating!